The brightest Harley Quinn cosplays of Comic Con

Take a closer look at what goes on at Comic Con and you’ll see that thousands of young women attend to feel empowered. Attendees at these festivals often have a reputation as weirdos and nerds. But one of the participants says: “Here you can be accepted for who you are, and you can transform yourself into anyone you want for a day – it’s a unique chance. In this article, we name The brightest Harley Quinn cosplays of Comic Con.

Harley Quinn is a villain from the DC Comics universe who has gained popularity for her sexuality and insanity, taken over from the Joker, her partner, so to speak. She has appeared literally everywhere – in comic books, cartoons, movies, and even video games. Her most popular image among cosplayers is taken from The Suicide Squad, where she was played by Margot Robbie. The in-game variation, strangely enough, is not as in-demand. Okay, enough foreplay, that’s not what you came here for, I know, so here you go – Top Sexiest Harley Quinn Cosplays.

Harley Quinn from the animated series of the same name

While not everyone liked the Harley Quinn feature films, the animated series about this villain garnered exceptionally positive reviews. It’s fun, crazy, and really interesting, just like the Harley comics. The cosplay of Ms. Quinn was done by Tniwe. We should note that she makes the Joker’s ex-girlfriend look sexier than in the cartoon.

Harley Quinn – The Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad is another colorful heroine who is clearly beloved by cosplayers. In the recent Halloween issue she was embodied by another model, and this week a more delicate version of the same image using underwater photography was presented by cosplayer garrus_cat and her photographer.

Underwater photo shoots are noteworthy in their own right because of the effort required for such projects. But the new work of the photographer is an exceptional case, because it not only looks complicated and visually delightful, but also repeats one of the main scenes of The Suicide Squad movie. The role of Harley Quinn was starred by garrus_cat. It was filmed at Ocean Stars Studios.

Harley Quinn, Alina Becker

Harley Quinn is one of the most famous antiheroines in comics. The girl is often associated with the Joker, but now they do not have the warmest relationship in the comics. Her image was presented by Alina Becker.

Harley Quinn, Katya Kosova

Ukrainian girl Katya Kosova performed the best cosplay as Harley Quinn. Her stunning appearance conveys the full range of unimaginable feelings. Your heart starts beating more often, and your pupils get wider. All because you will fall in love with the Harley Quinn cosplay from The Suicide Squad. In these photos, you might think you’re looking at the real Harley Quinn. There is a vibrant color scheme here, highlighted by her elegant red and blue costume. The coolness of this photo is off the charts! Would you get in her way when she threatens you with a baseball bat? 

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