Technoblade cosplay ideas to make the costume

Technoblade is a fascinating game and no wonder so many people are eager to cosplay. In this article we will give you Technoblade cosplay ideas to make the costume. We will describe scenes, dialogues and characters that might interest you.

Ad Astra

Tabbo is a smuggler who really only cares about having fuel in his tanks and living to see the next solar cycle. He likes to think he’s pretty poised, but this spoiled Ender-Prince really tests his stamina not to shoot a fellow traveler with a photon blaster.

Two birds on a cliff

I really, really like the theory that once upon a time Tommy and Wilbur could fly just like Phil. And I wanted to write it out, at least for myself, to have some perspective on what happened. And the events here take place in the period “8 years before the beginning of the server” and before the first day of the server.

To commit bigger (and badder) crimes

You’re right. I know what I’m going to do to you three. – Dream mutters in a menacing voice, standing up abruptly. Tommy is acutely aware of how tall Dream is as he looms over the three of them like a massive tower, and presses himself into his chair in fear. Oh God, is this really how it’s going to end?

Tommyinnit’s clinic for supervillains

Are you here to rob us? – The cashier managed to spit it out. Serena snorted, -No, I’m here to order food. – What about him? – The cashier asked, glancing at Tommy. – You-you kidnapped him? – Well… yeah, let’s go with that scenario if it ends up in the news. – Siren shrugged, looking back at Tommy,” I kidnapped you. – Yeah, sure you did. – Tommy agreed, realizing that he was suspicious as hell just being in public with Serena.

I hate you, too

The villages are mired in war. People are winning by any means necessary, spitting on former hatreds. But fate brings together the best shooter and scout, who has no pity for anyone or anything and wants to take revenge on his old enemy, and the guy who has nothing to do with war and cares only about the welfare of animals. Can they get along with such different views of the world? And why do they feel as if they know each other, though they have never communicated and hate each other?

The road to recovery

After Technoblade finds Tommy sitting on the edge of a cliff in L’manberg Crater, many events occur that eventually lead to Technoblade taking vulnerable Tommy home to a cabin in the cold tundra. While there, the two reluctantly work together to get on the road to recovery and reconciliation. The road is not without bumps, but together, hand in hand, they will overcome the harsh terrain and distance.

The End of a Small World

For reasons unknown, most of the world’s population died. At one o’clock people simply began to lose consciousness and their brains stopped their activity. In that storm of loss 14 years ago, George lost his family and friends. He survived and escaped from there. Though the world has changed, George wants to continue to live in it until his life decays. And those he values won’t disappear. AU with hybrids and the end of the world).

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