Most impressive Lady Dimitrescu cosplays

Who is the Tall Lady and why are all social networks overflowing with artworks of this character? First, Capcom showed a short teaser of the Resident Evil Village presentation. In the video Lady Dimitrescu appeared for a couple of seconds – a very tall vampire lady, who became the villain of the game. Due to her unusual appearance, she immediately fell in love with the players and became the reason for dozens of artworks. Now you can find Most impressive Lady Dimitrescu cosplays.

Helena Mankowska

Polish actress Helena Mankowska, who played Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village, posted a photo of herself as her character on her Instagram. On May 15, Helena published a post where she admitted that she participated in the creation of the bloody Countess. In addition to her, Maggie Robertson worked on the image of the antagonist, who voiced the heroine and acted as a model for the motion capture. Resident Evil Village was released on May 7 and set the franchise record for simultaneous online on Steam on the first day.


This stunning cosplay of Lady Dimitrescu matches perfectly with the dress worn by the real character, as well as the beautifully done makeup and hair. The camera angles combined with the unassuming background give the illusion of height, which certainly helps anyone portraying a 9-foot tall character. The rgtcandy facial expression is more playful than other cosplayers, but rest assured that this Lady Dimitrescu can still kill fans in a heartbeat.


Most fans of Lady Dimitrescu, not just cosplayers, like to focus on her looks in general rather than the fact that she kills the player character at the end of the game teaser for Resident Evil Village. Moonka_moonka decided to embrace Lady Dimitrescu’s terrifying claws and seamlessly incorporated them into the cosplay photos. The camera angle helps emphasize how tall moonka_moonka looks in the photo, and also gives the right definition to show how dangerous Lady Dimitrescu’s clawed hands are.

Alisa Arefieva

Cosplayer Alisa Arefieva published a photo set in the image of Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village. The girl emphasized the sexual side of the vampire. Lady Dimitrescu is the main antagonist of Ethan Winters in the Resident Evil Village game. She was first shown in a trailer that was released before the game’s launch. There are a lot of examples of cosplay on this character, because the figure really turned out to be very unusual and memorable.

The Internet hasn’t known peace since Lady Dimitrescu debuted, but honestly, it shouldn’t have. She is a powerful, albeit intimidating character who played as important a role in Resident Evil Village as she did in the teasers for the upcoming game.

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