Eroman – reviewing collection of sex games

Every year more and more porn games appear online. If you like this genre and follow the novelties, you’ve probably noticed the Eroman series of games. There are a lot of games under this title, so you can enjoy this game for a long time. Each game will tell you about separate episodes in the life of the protagonist. Of course, there will be a lot of beautiful girls and a lot of erotic scenes. In this article we will talk about Eroman – reviewing collection of porn games.

Eroman game review

Eroman is a browser-based game that will become accessible to you after you download the basic components. It takes a little time and you can already play the game. Then you will be offered to choose the level of difficulty, which depends on how fast you will pass the game and how difficult it will be to unlock the erotic scenes. There are a lot of games in the Eroman collection, so each one has a certain plot and different locations. Also depending on the chosen game you will have a lot of different girls and different erotic scenes. 

During the game you will be controlling your hero with the keyboard, moving him around the locations. Each location has certain features and objects that you can interact with. Also at different points in the locations you will meet girls. Most of them immediately look very sexy and even somewhat naked. You can talk to the girl and see how you can help her. If you move through the dialogues correctly and follow her requests, you will soon discover erotic scenes. Eroman is a fairly simple game, but if you choose a high difficulty, you will need to spend more time and effort to open the erotic scenes. 

Graphics and scenario

The game has nice graphics and the player can enjoy watching what is happening on the screen. The character control is also very simple and intuitive, so you won’t need to understand the intricacies for a long time. The dialogues with girls are written well, the developers tried to recreate the atmosphere of easiness and constant sesual excitement. It is very interesting to pass all the stages of the game, and it completely immerses you into the scenario.

As we have already mentioned, each game of the collection has its own scenario, so all the games are unique, but similar to each other by the style. The scenes and the girls will be different, so it is interesting for the player to go through all the games in this series. If you have played Eroman and you liked this game, we recommend you to try all other games and you will be convinced that you will be also interested in these games time after time. There are quite a few games in the collection and there are constant updates, so you can check back from time to time for new games. 

The game is funded by the players themselves through Patreon, so the developers are constantly working on creating new games in the collection. Since Eroman has a lot of fans around the world, there’s no problem with financing and the developers please their players with quality updates on a regular basis.

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