SIU News at the Malaysian Urological Association 24th Annual Conference

Dr Jean De La Rosette took the opportunity to meet up with the leaders of the MUA on 21 November 2015.  As in the picture taken at the Malaysian Urological Congress: from left to right are Dr Clarence Lei, Dr Teh Guan Chou, Professor Jean De La Rosette, Dato Dr Rohan Malek.

A new chapter in collaboration between the SIU and MUA has began. There will be exciting times ahead.  MUA is already a block member of the SIU with effect from 2014.  Indeed, there was a MUA-SIU joint symposium when the SIU Congress was held in Glasgow in October 2014. 

There will be an exchange of SIU and MUA lecturers, symposiums and the possibility of MUA content to be uploaded to the SIU electronic platforms.  There is also a programme to have exchange fellows especially the Malaysian urologists usually spends a year abroad, possibly in a SIU host country.

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