Runner-up prize at the Young Urologist Endoscopic Simulation Competition, 4th IFFU, 2015

On the 24th to 26th of April 2015, the 4th International Forum on Frontiers in Urology (4th IFFU) was held in Beijing, China. This has been a regular event for the last four years, organized by the Urology Division of the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation. Professor Wu Jieping is highly regarded as the founding father of modern Urology in China, and the event was organized annually in his memory.

In conjunction with the Forum, an Endoscopic Simulation competition for Young Urologists took place on the first day of the Forum, at the Wu Jieping Urology Centre, Peking University. A total of 13 participants, representing UAA, EAU, HKUA, KUA, CUA and RSM took part in the one-day competition. Our own Urologist, Dr Badrulhisham Bahadzor was selected to represent UAA for this year’s competition.

During the one-day event, participants were briefed and given demonstrations on how to use the various endourological simulators at the training centre. The simulators were provided by a well known company in this field, Simbionix. Five types of simulators were available and these were - Laparoscopy, TURP, PCNL, Flexible URS and Semi-rigid URS. 

All participants were given some time to familiarize themselves with each type of simulator. Laparoscopic suturing and knot-tying, and TURP were the required tasks assessed. The third task of either PCNL, or Flexible URS, or Semi-rigid URS were randomly assigned to the participants. The objectives were given for each task including how marks would be awarded. Total marks consisted of scores given by the simulator and subjective assessment by an experienced assessor at each station. Each task lasted between three to five minutes.

Results were announced on the following day, after the grand official ceremony of the opening of the 4th IFFU at the Beijing International Hotel Convention Centre. Dr Badrul was awarded Second Prize for the competition. First prize went to a contestant from CUA, and third prize to representatives from EAU. 

The Forum’s scientific programme saw participation from foreign and local speakers. Among the well known speakers were, Professor Christopher Chapple, Professor Frans Debruyne, Professor Mark Litwin and Professor Allen Wen-Hsiang Chiu. The majority of the attendees were from China, and all of the local speakers presented their talks in the local language. Live surgery demonstrations were telecasted to the Convention Centre during the last day of the Forum, consisting of various Endo-Laparoscopic and Robotic urological procedures.

All in all, the event allowed MUA to participate in activities organized by regional Urological societies. It gave the participants a taste of using computerized simulator in a well-equipped training centre in China. The event also provides ample opportunities of creating regional and international networking among Urologists, besides a chance to visit the historical city of Beijing.

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